Youku tenth anniversary

Youku today is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the day, they used a new logo and a letter to the president to add more commemorative color to this festival.

The new cool cool APP still retains the settings button to play the button, but the color was significantly lighter on the bright. Youku said the new logo implies a more young atmosphere, and thousands of wonderful communication began between the first two points of the connection and interactive fashion concept. At the same time, Youku’s brand advocate also updated to “this world is cool”, its purpose is to highlight the Youku users full of curiosity of the young voice.

Then Youku President Yang Weidong also issued a Youku full letter to share the brand rejuvenation behind the strategic thinking. He said in 2006 December 21, Youku on-line opened the first decade of online video, a new industry came into being, enriched people’s entertainment world, but also created a way of life. Standing from the beginning of the second decade, the online video industry bid farewell to the childhood into the youth. The second decade of competition will be the platform and the ecological contest, Yang Weidong that the long-term professionalism of the industry mentality and ability to drive, and Ali and platform-driven collaboration will be excellent cool to bring endless running power.

Youku this year is also an important time node, on the one hand the full completion of the privatization means that the formal integration of Ali system, Ali Yu, chairman of entertainment in the definition, Youku will be Ali entertainment development process relies on the two platforms First, then youku also will be released in the copyright market hands and feet, trying to occupy more market share. On the other hand, from Koo to Yang Weidong’s power change announced Youku’s re-adjustment of the management team means that both in the internal organization and market play, Youku also contains the possibility of a number of changes occur.

With Yang Weidong internal letter Full text:

Big Youku’s small partners:

December 21 is a special day. Ten years ago, youku formally launched, China’s online video industry also will start; ten years, we bring you countless happy, intelligent and moving. Ten years, to open an industry, to create a way of life, this is a cool thing.

From today, the online video industry will bid farewell to the childhood of the decade, into the teenage decade; in such an important day, Youku brand new look. This move is not only a visual change on the brand, but also on behalf of our outlook for the new decade, leading the industry to enter a new milestone to meet the arrival of platform ecological era. Take this opportunity to share with you three points:

1, young people are the main body of entertainment consumption, “this world is cool” is the young people to see the world’s positive attitude. We choose “this world is cool” as a new brand proposition, I hope Youku for all young people and mentality of young people, to provide better, more cool one-stop entertainment cool experience. Therefore, our content, products, technology, operations are new for them, to their needs to provide our services.

2, “this world is cool,” the idea also echoes our mission of Ali large entertainment – “Let the entertainment of the young people more sunlight.” Currently Youku cover 5.8 billion terminals, the average daily, each device has 78 minutes to watch video, play video, cultural and entertainment values ​​on young people is increasingly important. As a matter of responsibility, we want to penetrate this mission to the content platform experience the whole process.

3, our brand rejuvenation also marks the development of the industry into a new stage. Unlike the past between video companies go it alone, the real competition has evolved into a platform between the ecological struggle. Today, we identified the new positioning Youku, new ideas, a clear direction of the run, but also believe that the long-term professional mentality and ability to drive industry, and Ali and the platform-driven collaboration will bring us a steady stream of running power.

Large Youku’s small partners, thousands of exciting began in the first two points between the interaction and connection, as the new brand identity in the dynamic red and blue two points in the evolution of the infinite possibility of touch. You, I, we, with the juvenile mentality of the world, with cool play, the next decade!

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