Will Small program be successful?

Interesting product frame structure, the user sweep code, directly out of h5 generated page (switch to WeChat applet, probably as long as three days of development), ordering food payments, ordering information in the kitchen print out, Users complete a complete consumption.

This process, do not have to pay attention and then open, do not have to download and then open, do not point to pay cash, do not need attendants involved, do not account for a desktop location, do not worry about being harassed. Familiar users, may be ten seconds to complete the entire point of a single operation.

By this set of products, we have laid three thousand restaurants, serving nearly 100 million users, resulting in about 20 million daily water. In the Yangtze River Delta region is the top three service providers.

Rely on two-dimensional code entry, open to use, run away, not free to push … … and the idea of ​​a small program crash, not too talented, but stepped on their own digging pit forced out.

Two years ago, we opened a home Internet cafes, the operation process that single-point this matter can be optimized using the Internet.

Earliest use of Bluetooth program. In all corners of the restaurant put the bluetooth device, as long as open the phone’s Bluetooth function, the use of WeChat shake, you can jump out of the shop, enter the online order, the data directly docking to the cash register system, finished meal and then checkout checkout. This process customers too troublesome, the waiter is too troublesome, and ultimately give up.

Later do wifi meal. After the user access to business wifi, out of point ordering system. This thing did not go through, and now the user has not so concerned about small traffic, and into the store to ask a mouth boss wifi password is too troublesome. Also gave up.

And then later, do app meal. Users must be the next few trillion app to enjoy 20% discount. Or no one to use, and now everyone’s mobile phones have been washed almost, the commonly used on those. Even greedy small installed your app, take advantage of preferential also deleted. The bubble is not durable, or have to give up.

We re-set these lessons, found

1, would like to use a simple service account for a mandatory entrance to the dividend in the past, do not become integrated platform, then do a good job of service

2, do the natural channels, rather than trying to cut off the channel (wifi) or create channels (Bluetooth)

3, the formation of closed-loop services, do not do half-baked Internet. Are finished this point in your meal, but also to pay the cashier system, this link is superfluous.

4, do not take the service kidnapping users. Users use your scene is when he needs, when less than you, you are holding a rich taste of advertising information to harass him, the cost is thousands of thousands of down the number of users, to see a time on the meat to see the pain Twice dare not come again.

Through these lessons, we chose to use the two-dimensional code attached to the table as a service entrance, the entire process is simplified to no longer light (the user simply ordering and payment, businesses only need to collect and cooking), no longer attempt Suction users.

For the two-dimensional code program, the original business to spend an hour to clarify the business logic (what is Bluetooth, what is the wifi entrance, why push app), into a sentence on the “user two-dimensional code pay, you Cooking, the other is not “, the business suddenly accepted. Number of users spurt growth.

Small program will be what business pit? Here is a small program of two years experience

In practice, the two-dimensional code point of this typical application of small programs can be quickly pushed up, our business team is generally to convince businessmen:

1, the user experience. In the peak meal, the average user to wait 10 minutes, 8 minutes meal, replaced by two-dimensional code program, the average single user point of two meals shortened to 29 seconds, as long as the kitchen burned like.

2, attendant costs. Small and medium restaurants, the general will ask full-time and part-time attendant, used to cope with the peak. 2-dimensional code program, you can save 2 part-time staff, according to 12 yuan / hour, 3 hours a day to work, save more than 20,000 yuan each year expenses.

3, hardware costs. A set of traditional food and beverage solutions, including printers, scanning guns, cash drawers, etc., an average of 3000-8000 a set of two-dimensional code program requires only a 600 yuan printer and not more than 50 yuan two-dimensional code stickers table costs .

4, to prevent a single escape. As the WeChat payment has matured, we use the prepaid model, the user points to the meal to pay directly, the kitchen received the list are paid off. Will no longer appear to escape a single, counterfeit money and other issues. Even if the probability of a low probability of this thing back, business processes only need to confirm the business put money back. If the use of post-paid model, then the two-dimensional code once stolen, he deliberately ordered meal (anyway, do not have to pay), the waiter busy round and round could not find the point, to one or two, the restaurant You will not be in the.

5, the data precipitation. Since it is two-dimensional code program, the user’s id, payment records, etc. into the business management app naturally, would like to set the old user discount, WeChat membership card, business analysis and so very smooth.


Applet application can be really up, it is necessary to understand the line of business. Pure Internet play is not to promote, it must also understand the Internet and understand the line under the compound talents, there are five small experience:

1, two-dimensional code material. Two-dimensional code of the material selection, in different scenarios, the material is not the same. Fast food restaurant, you can only pvc material, smooth and easy to clean the surface; barbecue shops and other needs of special plastic materials, anti-burn; bar inside the darker, the need to use fluorescent material two-dimensional code or hollow inside a light Decorative two-dimensional code. Businesses will be based on their own restaurant style, you need to customize or choose the style with their own restaurant to match the two-dimensional code style style, some may also be written in the two-dimensional code below some slogan.

2, two-dimensional code set. If the store is only a two-dimensional code, which can not solve the customer at which the table ordering the problem. A table and a yard can not solve the fight table, two-dimensional code material damage, and finally the two-dimensional code and the table is only a connection between the two-dimensional code can be damaged damaged, there is a fight table needs, you can paste Several two-dimensional code, entirely by the restaurant owner himself.

3, small programs can only have to do lightweight interaction. Once the next line under the market, different shops have different personal needs, what plus spicy add onions, what a few kilograms of live fish to go after a few months later, what the same pot of coffee a half-price half-way to drink people have to count the whole Price, regardless of whether or not to receive tea fees … … If you try to do personalized programs, you have more programmers will be exhausted, the product interaction will become increasingly bloated. You must be firm “small programs have to be small,” only the standardization of things, can not do the market would rather give up. Trillions of lines of the market under the line, do a good enough for your popular hot spicy.

4, do not conflict with the hardware. People who do the Internet around, often like to skip the hardware, do not have the equipment scene. At least in the restaurant industry, this does not work. We tested the menu without the printer, but the menu information sent to the chef on the phone, the results of the cook or hand dirty oil cell phone, or only cook saw cooks did not see and reduce the efficiency of serving, or can not confirm Missed a single did not. In general, do Internet-based catering solutions, or use the TV-class large-screen display of single-point information, or use the printer. We selected the lowest cost of the printer program.

5, to stimulate business. And pure Internet traffic promotion in different ways, the offline market can not use aso, advertising, pop, binding installation of these methods, the product can not be active, rely on the only channel is the business. Good product experience, to help businesses improve efficiency This is certainly to be done through, but this is not enough, called hidden improvement, perception is not strong, only some young and new boss to understand. To stimulate the ordinary businessmen, or to do some explicit services, such as subsidies, such as cross-industry cooperation, such as help to promote and so on. In other words, the line of business can not just stare at the user, the interests of the other side of the business to take into account, can really quickly spread.

WeChat small program officially announced, I discovered that we actually did this for two years. Love and hate, love is Tencent endorsement, let us be recognized this approach, and hate is so late that before many people do not understand, the loss of a lot of pen financing opportunities.


The rise of small programs, but also accompanied by a huge risk. You must pay attention to peer:

1, between the giants will not do “difficult choice.” Since Zhang Xiaolong said, I hope the two-dimensional code as the entrance, the other giants certainly grab, the most obvious opponent is Alipay. In the event of everyone playing red-eye, and do shielding restrictions, as WeChat can not jump Taobao, Baidu can not search microblogging as a two-dimensional code can only do an entrance, then the user is very uncomfortable things we rely on Third-party platform will be implicated, the market will slow down the popularity of speed. Hope the giants do not do too low.

2, two-dimensional code security issues. Lawless elements holding a two-dimensional code information with the virus push everywhere, users are accustomed to the two-dimensional code to start the service inadvertently easy to move. Steal money, steal passwords, etc., are likely to occur. Third party is difficult to do this piece of prevention, the need for the platform to do their own security verification.

3, the platform open enough. After doing a small program, we are equivalent to the company dozens of people are pinned on the future of the platform, and we accumulate the user data, rather than the user, we do is service, do not advertise. Then the interface management in the interface there is no privilege, the policy is not clear (definition induced to share the border), temporary interface upgrade ruined our services, server failure led to our scolding, etc., will be minutes to us Gaosi.


We are able to share these on the inside experience for ktv point service, bar wine, goods, such as after-sales service and sharing the scene to buy entities, is not suitable for revision, calendar, electronic business class online scene.

Line entity class scene General small program market logic is:

1, do not use small programs as h5 marketing, that is too wasteful. Line there is enough to service the scene, are suitable for small programs, doing the service naturally cash flow.

2, as long as the existing program cost is too high, inconvenient operation, the service time to wait, you can use small programs to improve efficiency.

3, a small front-end background. Do not look at the importation of two-dimensional code light, c-side of the entire interaction will not be complicated, but the deep integration of business and the line is the key. Although we do not have the c end of the app, but we do end of the b-side called the boss of the app assistant to meet the depth of business services needs.

4, the profit model can not be designed to rely on the accumulation of the old routine. Traffic dividend has been finished, the line flow is impossible to produce millions of coverage, to make money is to rely on in-depth industrial chain to do business-oriented services.


This new right way, we finally not alone.

For the giants to say is, do not go wool left. Alipay people come a few days ago to chat, said three or four in Beijing to do similar to the two-dimensional code business, because there is no profit model, patronize the platform to work, the results hung up. In addition to the commission, subsidies, etc., hope that the platform gives more effective business model guidance, to activate the entire offline market.

For colleagues to say is that the capital of winter, profitability is not easy, we look for a small program model for the new business model, to make the market bigger, is divided into cakes.