Value of today’s headlin

Most of the recent controversy over today’s headline “values” has been tried from a moral standpoint, which is almost devoid of lethality for a business community. People GJM copy so many years, righteous do not apologize, “Jazz track” box-office fiasco cry but burst into tears, in the final analysis is always to see the commercial value.

The headlines have been rising for years, and are said to have reached $ 10bn, a new frontier that challenged BAT, as a front-page user of today’s headlines, a shocking lack of original content, just aggregating information Platform true value so much money?

Do not talk about values, talk about value

The essence of today’s headlines, is a redistribution of information gathering platform, the platform itself does not produce content. This is indeed a similar place and Baidu, so often someone will take the headlines and Baidu, but the nature is different between the two.

Baidu master is the traditional Internet information portal, in the PC era, is the majority of users to the Internet the only way, in Google after leaving for a long time to maintain a near monopoly status, thus maintaining a high market value. But since the rise of mobile Internet, Baidu market value has been lower, because the entrance to the mobile Internet is no longer a search.

Headlines today is not irreplaceable first, followed by not taking up a monopoly, not to mention the entrance to the mobile Internet. Regardless of the traditional portal or other information aggregation platform, are in the layout, some of this layout is to seize the market, but the traditional gateway is more defensive-oriented, because the market value of how much, remains to be discussed.

From my personal understanding, today’s headline is closer to the fast broadcast, Zhang Yiming’s remarks and Wang Xin is also very close. The difference is, Wang Xin is a warning, and the “yellow obscene” involves ill-concealed behind bars, the latter is careful to avoid risks, but still fall into the “vulgar” accusations, the recent “pornography” administrative punishment .

Of course, this problem is an information aggregation platform can not be avoided, but today’s headlines on the principle of vulgar content is “not actively push vulgar content.” Like to install the “clean” of the Internet ring, Zhang Yiming is willing to become a “debris flow”, one out of nature outspoken, and the second is a headline today and the user groups have a great relationship.

Through third-party data can be seen, today’s headlines of 58.7% of the user qualifications in high school and below, including high school / vocational school / technical school / accounting for the highest. The situation is better than I guess, for the time being to believe this data.

Occupation and income: freelancers / self-employed / private entrepreneurs account for 37.8% of the proportion of user revenue is mainly concentrated in the 4,000 yuan, the majority of low-income groups.

Today, the most popular headlines in the field of content concentrated in the “entertainment, emotional, social, historical,” and so on, WeChat public number of the “10 million +” everywhere in today’s headlines, but who cares? Even the notorious micro-business forces prefer to stay in the WeChat, do not want to come to today’s headlines, which is why?

Nothing more than the flow of today’s headlines generated little value.

The value of this thing is not blowing out

In a forum two months ago, Zhang Yiming announced that the headlines today has completed the annual target of 6 billion advertising.

Correspondingly, “As of the end of September 2016, the headline today has 580 million users, more than 63 million daily users, single – user daily use of time is more than 76 minutes.

It can be seen, has become a four-year headlines today in the user growth has been close to the ceiling. After all, the latest statistics show that China’s Internet users are only about 680 million.

However, one of the biggest problems with the data is that today’s headline advertising is not very valuable. You can hardly imagine a platform with 580 million users actually contributed only 6 billion in advertising. This is in the user have Tucao advertising too much to get the case.

The reason has been shown that the data: 1, today’s headlines user quality and income is too low; 2, user activity is not high; 3, the resulting value of information data is too low. To advertising, for example, the same is “10 million +” reading volume, regardless of display or conversion rate, micro letter public number are far more than today’s headlines.

Therefore, it is imperative that the depth of today’s headlines to tap the potential of the platform, the user value and information data value brought up.

So today’s headlines in the past two years, mainly done three things, first, opening the headlines, improve the quality of content; second, to support the video author; third, even engage in a headline question and answer. Then we analyze one by one.

First, today’s headlines from the inception has been caught in the contents of the copyright dispute, the opening of the headline number, although to a certain extent make up for the lack of original content, but the quality of original content is still scarce.

A product today it is difficult to change their position and tone, of course, today did not intend to change the headlines. Whether the user’s initiative to choose or from the media to meet the user, and finally in the headline platform, only a result, the real quality content will be eliminated.

Which is today’s headlines can not get rid of “vulgar” the root causes.

Second, support the video author. This is a very burn the field, and the competition is very cruel. For example, a recent short video platform to get 500 million US dollars of financing, headlines today, unable to bear the cost of the burn.

And, the spread of video and social relations have a great relationship, and today’s headlines is just a distribution platform, and the user’s viscosity is not. Users can not use today’s headlines to browse information only, will not precipitate their own relationship chain, it will not form a relationship between the big V and fans.

Third, on the headline Q & A, in front of almost know and the shell, the headlines can not make any basic value, or a reason, the user’s property decision. The Q & A domain relies heavily on high-quality users and content.

Know and shell can go today, relying on the pre-high-quality users and content, compared to the shell, the go almost more commercial, but even know about re-commercialization, rehydration, than headlines High I do not know a few paragraphs.

The value of today’s headlines is indeed overvalued

Zhang Yiming in the interview to admit that almost all of today’s headlines from advertising revenue. This is the unity of income.

In addition, today’s headlines currently face the biggest problem is that the relationship with the user is not strong, which is the year Baidu most worried about.

Zhang Yiming has been praised the so-called “non-intervention” in my opinion, is wrong. This is the same as “evil” in a person’s mind. If a person does not guide and grows freely, what kind of person will this person become?

Especially for a content platform, even if Zhang Yiming has repeatedly stressed that today’s headlines are technology companies, technology is neutral, combined with the development of today’s headlines, and drilling is the loophole of human nature, but technology is second.

Do not forget to broadcast that year’s market share is also among the best, technical innovation is on the one hand, but really decided to broadcast status is the technology? Is nothing but the majority of users to meet the needs of the lowest level.

A product is good, meet does not meet the needs of users, and finally its value is not a direct proportion.

Soon after the broadcast “dead”, does not prevent the masses continue to “see the film” needs. Because fast broadcast is always a platform, does not produce content, does not produce user relationship precipitation, does not produce information value.

Today’s headlines that white is a text version of the fast broadcast. This time you give it a $ 10 billion valuation, do you think it appropriate?

Of course, some would say that today’s headlines have the potential to be tapped. Then we analyze the potential of today’s headlines which can be tapped?

First, the user community and the value of today’s headlines determine the platform advertising revenue ceiling.

Has been analyzed in front of today’s headline traffic value is not high, advertising cost-effective in general. User growth can not, but the competitive pressures will face more and more, as an information integration platform, users can determine the fate and active degree, is nothing more than content.

Mobile Internet is the biggest feature of the increasingly fragmented group, we live in their own small circle, take the circle of friends, for example, you will find the so-called “hot” but also stop within their own circles.

It can be said that the content and the user is a mutual selection process. This mutual selection process is impossible without intervention. So the information aggregation distribution platform will not appear a dominance of the situation, there will only be part of the coincidence, but with differentiated information aggregation distribution platform.

And today’s headlines in addition to the content generated by advertising, there is no value. Now is catching up with an IP-based outlet, high-quality content can become a TV series, into a movie, into a game, but today’s headlines can change?

The answer is no, this outlet and today’s headlines does not matter.

Secondly, today’s headlines of the weak relationship, resulting in the video, live and other areas can not do anything.

Zhang Yiming like to do a comparison of Facebook ads, but Zhang Yiming forgot a problem, Facebook is a social platform, the user will stay in the above chain of their own, leaving their hobbies, resulting in information data value, but users can today What’s left on the headline platform?

Why microblogging can usher in the second video by a short spring, a substantial increase in advertising revenue, the reason is self-evident. Today’s headlines can do? Rely on users to spend tens of minutes a day habitually browse a variety of gossip information, and then nostalgia to leave?

Then we can give today’s headlines the next definition, a pure tool. A pure tool worth $ 10 billion?

Of course, I do not say that the full text today does not exist the value of headlines, which is wrong. But, I think the value of today’s headlines is obviously overestimated, far higher than the value of an information aggregation distribution platform should have. A reasonable valuation should be 2 billion to 3 billion US dollars is normal.