How Long Will A User to Abandon a Old Smartphone?

I remember, ten years ago to spend five years of basic mobile phone is common. But now the arrival of smart phones, it seems that set off a construction of information technology in an industrial revolution. No matter in which corner, we will see people who use the phone down, and give us a first feeling is to know what they are looking at? In fact, the author of the minds of doubt: smart phones with learning, entertainment, office and other functions, it’s life can be used for five years? When the smart phone into a necessary tool, the major mobile phone manufacturers is to accelerate the pace of the phone out. Meizu, for example, in 2016 released a total of 14 new mobile phone (as of today), which makes last year or the year before the purchase of mobile phone users how to think? Apple has always maintained a low profile, basically released a new phone a year, but in 2016 it also sit still, a spring SE, fall an iPhone 7. So I believe that brand manufacturers are step by step to make mobile phones into consumables, whether you are using the phone is not bad bad, as long as there are new machines listed, you will want to do to let you buy. On the average user in terms of a cell phone in the end can be used for many years? Major brand release so many new phones, with the phone life what is the relationship? The author is so understanding, and now do not rule out the individual mobile phone brands in order to reduce the pressure after-sales, think of ways to let you replace the phone less than a year. This is very realistic, the phone just bought back when the speed is to force, less than six months available, the card machine or crash occurred on the situation, and then at every turn to go about the sale, the results of this phone will become a year life. In addition, the smart manufacturers will use the system upgrade method, so that the aging mobile phone hardware into obsolete parts, change to let you buy a new phone. Andrews mobile phone is a typical example, no matter what brand, what model, just bought when the running speed is very smooth, but the late installation of some APP, upgrade the system bug, not three months, half the speed, and then go Install third-party speed APP, the result? Is not the more the more slowly; although Apple’s iOS is relatively better, but few people can Apple’s mobile phone to use it for more than three years. Said so much, I still think that smart phone life as before, not to mention the basic brand of mobile phone sales for one year period, which also determines the life of smart phones: every day in the use of the situation, can be used to two Years on the good. In real life, we use the smart phone, usually in a year after a variety of small problems, and when you see the release of the new cell phone when the temptation, did not hold back on others with a new machine. To sum up, for most users, the phone with more than a year to be quite good, with a few months on the new machine a lot of people. So in the end I propose, in order to make their mobile phones longer, please do the following bars: 1, mobile phone best not often to update systems that are not necessarily update package for mobile phones much help; 2, with fast ; because the phone while it is charging using direct current, if there is voltage instability, the phone may damage the electronic components on the motherboard: charge-enabled phone, it is best not side by side rechargeable main part 3, the battery as a smart phone care will have better charge cycles of life, we recommend using the original charger; 4, if the phone is not operating properly, try not to go can not repair the repair, I did not go the way to use the sale, street stalls do not read; 5, the key here, buy a mobile phone have to go to formal channels of cottage imitation goods has been difficult to prevent.