Honor Magic is currently the fastest charging mobile phone

From the charging speed, Honor Magic is currently the fastest charging mobile phone, and faster than similar products, almost 1 times. Honor Magic is just the first show of Huawei’s graphene lithium battery technology.

Magic from the Honor of nearly 10 days, the fourth energy has finally got this integration of Huawei’s R & D at this stage of the results of the “future” of the phone.

Zhao Ming, president of the Honor of the press conference to explain the Honor of the integration of the Magic Artificial Intelligence technology, such as face recognition, mobile phone notification bar according to different mobile phone users to display different information. Specific to the WeChat applications, mobile phone owners can see the specific message name and information content; rather than mobile phone owners, you can only see the information received notice, do not see more specific content. Honor Magic’s artificial intelligence is also reflected in the intelligent identification of mobile phone users who use the scene, such as close to the express counter, can automatically display courier extract code; arrive at the airport, automatic display boarding pass; in the car, the phone can automatically switch to driving mode , Etc., and so forth.

However, after the use of the Honor Magic three days, the fourth energy editorial that the most impressive is not the appearance of these fancy features, but its charging speed: 35 minutes filled with 2900 mAh, which in all current intelligence Mobile phone, ranked first, and far behind the competitors; not to mention the power is still only 5W charger iPhone 7 the.

Honor Magic charging speed: the world’s fastest

According to official data given by Huawei, Honor Magic can charge 40% of electricity in 10 minutes; 20 minutes, this figure reached 70%; 30 minutes, up to 90%.

(The fast-paced popular domestic mobile phone manufacturers OPPO, its representative works R9 Source: OPPO)

In order to test the authenticity of this data, the fourth energy to do a number of tests. In the northern heating temperature of 24 ℃, relative humidity of 70 indoor environment, we use the Honor Magic standard with the original charger and data lines, the phone runs out of power in the case of automatic shutdown and found 10 minutes to charge 39 %; 20 minutes, 67%; 30 minutes, 88%; really full, only used about 35 minutes, consistent with the official propaganda data.

Honor Magic battery capacity of 2900 mAh. In the fourth energy database, using Qualcomm’s latest fast charge technology QC 3.0 hammer M1, the battery capacity of 3050 mAh, fully charged with about 70 minutes; “charging five minutes, two hours of talk” pioneer OPPO, equipped with VOOC flash technology representative works R9, battery capacity of 2850 mAh, fully charged takes about 65 minutes.

From the charging speed, Honor Magic is currently the fastest charging mobile phone, and faster than similar products, almost 1 times.

Behind the Honor Magic: Huawei 2012 Lab

Honor Magic charging speed has been able to do so fast, because it uses a charging power up to 40W (5V / 8A) charger, and can withstand such a high current data lines, also need special. The hammer M1 and OPPO R9, the charging power is 24W. So, why do not they use a higher 40W charger?

(Honorary President Zhao Ming, said the Honor Magic battery technology from Huawei 2012 Lab Source: YouKu)

This is because the current mainstream of lithium batteries, high-current charging, will produce high temperature, which is the phone in the fast charge state, the user will feel hot phone causes. If you continue to increase the charging current, charging temperature is likely to exceed the temperature range of lithium batteries, causing damage to lithium batteries, explosion and other hazards. However, the Honor of Magic has been able to withstand the high power of 40W, behind the hero when the number of Huawei 2012 laboratory.

Honor Magic uses the research and development achievements of the graphene lithium battery from Huawei 2012 lab. The fourth energy had been on Huawei graphene lithium battery did reports that it can greatly enhance the speed of charging and charging improve security, and battery life in smart phones, electric vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other fields, with Broad prospects for development.

Honor Magic: The first use of Huawei graphite cell lithium-ion smart phone

Graphene is a common layer of graphite to form a single layer of carbon atoms. This material is considered by scientists to be the world’s thinnest, but the hardest material, has a very strong electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and other characteristics.

(Known as the eight curved surface of the Honor Magic, the whole body is very mellow)

Huawei will graphene of this material properties, used in the current mainstream of the lithium battery, which developed a graphene lithium battery. Graphene lithium battery full use of graphite thermal characteristics, can achieve rapid cooling, which is the Honor Magic can withstand high current 40W, and can quickly and safely charge, and the phone is not hot reasons.

At the 57th Japan Battery Conference earlier this month, Huawei officials have demonstrated the achievements of research on graphene lithium batteries worldwide; and the Honor of Magic, Huawei has become the first to demonstrate its battery technology, the strength of smart phones.

There are big strokes: the next 15 minutes filled with 3000 mAh

In fact, as early as the end of last year’s Battery Conference in Japan, Huawei had already demonstrated its fast charge of graphene lithium battery technology: only 5 minutes, Huawei will be a 3000 mAh battery charge to 48% of the charge. According to this speed, less than 15 minutes can be filled with a 3000 mAh battery.

(56th Japan Battery Conference, Huawei 5 minutes to a 3000 mAh battery charge to 48% of the power Source: Tencent video)

It should be said, in the Samsung Note 7 battery explosion, the Huawei Magic in the Honor of the technology showed restraint: 35 minutes filled with 2900 mAh. Nevertheless, this data is still twice as fast as the competition, giving the user an obvious improvement in the charging experience. As the first equipped with graphene lithium battery technology, smart phones, Huawei hopes to be more secure in the strategy some.

The fourth energy that Honor Magic just Huawei graphite lithium battery technology show, I believe the next step, Huawei will really come up with 15 minutes full of black technology mobile phone. Smart phone charging speed, no doubt will be faster and faster.

Author Zhang Longhua, the article starting fourth energy (micro signal: FourthEnergy), reproduced please contact with the fourth energy.