Will Small program be successful?

Interesting product frame structure, the user sweep code, directly out of h5 generated page (switch to WeChat applet, probably as long as three days of development), ordering food payments, ordering information in the kitchen print out, Users complete a complete consumption. This process, do not have to pay attention and then open, do not have … Read more

Why Chinese Enterprises Must Go to The Outside

  With the economic development and information technology era, China is catching up with developed countries in many aspects, and Chinese enterprises are facing new opportunities to expand and strengthen. Especially after the 2008 financial crisis, many large multinational corporations in the West are faced with this or that problem, which gives Chinese enterprises “turn … Read more

Value of today’s headlin

Most of the recent controversy over today’s headline “values” has been tried from a moral standpoint, which is almost devoid of lethality for a business community. People GJM copy so many years, righteous do not apologize, “Jazz track” box-office fiasco cry but burst into tears, in the final analysis is always to see the commercial … Read more

Tencent release 7 artificial intelligence cloud services

December 26, following the announcement of 11 overseas nodes open this month after the full, Tencent cloud once again announced in the field of artificial intelligence cloud service force, today officially to the global business to provide seven AI services, including face detection, facial features Face Recognition, Face Recognition, Image Labeling, ID OCR Recognition, Business … Read more

Youku tenth anniversary

Youku today is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the day, they used a new logo and a letter to the president to add more commemorative color to this festival. The new cool cool APP still retains the settings button to play the button, but the color was significantly lighter on the bright. Youku … Read more

How Long Will A User to Abandon a Old Smartphone?

I remember, ten years ago to spend five years of basic mobile phone is common. But now the arrival of smart phones, it seems that set off a construction of information technology in an industrial revolution. No matter in which corner, we will see people who use the phone down, and give us a first … Read more

Lenovo released AR phone PHAB2 Pro

December 20, 2016, Lenovo Lenovo Wuhan Industrial Park announced a flagship line of AR (augmented reality) mobile tablet – a large range of children PHAB2 Pro, which is the world’s first use of Google Tango technology Of the consumer-level equipment, by Google and Qualcomm R & D team to work together to build, you can … Read more

Lenovo Miix 5 Review

the Miix 5 can be said to be long-awaited, because we Miix series of previous products or fresh in memory, perhaps it is not any innovative changes, but the changes in the details or habits still make us very concerned about. Configuration point of view, the maximum can choose Intel i7 processor, 8GB operating memory … Read more

360N4S Review

360N4S Xiaolong version is equipped with 5.5 inches full HD in-cell screen surface is covered with 2.5D arc glass; Built-in 4G B run memory, storage space upgrade from 32GB to 64GB; 16MP rear camera, color Wen Buguang lights, front 8MP camera and adding soft light; the battery capacity of 5000mAh, support flash turbo charging and … Read more