Step 1: first use Win + R combination keys to call out the command dialog box, and then type cmd and press the Enter key to open it.

Step 2: After opening the CMD command box that comes with the Win7 system, enter the command in the administrator window: SFC / and press  the Enter key to display all the parameters of the checker command

Step 3: Follow the prompts, for example, “scan the integrity of all protected system files, do not repair the operation”.  We enter the sfc verifyonly command and press the Enter key to run, and then start scanning. When the scan is complete, the system displays an integrity conflict, giving the path to the error report and the file name.

Step 4: we can prompt to find the corresponding path, open the document, here will record a lot of problems, record all the abnormal reports, find the corresponding problem can solve the problem.

Step 5: If there is a problem, enter “sfc / scannow” as the previous prompt, “Scan the integrity of all protected system files and fix the problem file.”

In the repair process , it will not affect the use of other software to ensure the integrity of the system, fluency, and do not need to reinstall the system. Wait for verification 100%, you can restart the computer.