360N4S Review

360N4S Xiaolong version is equipped with 5.5 inches full HD in-cell screen surface is covered with 2.5D arc glass; Built-in 4G B run memory, storage space upgrade from 32GB to 64GB; 16MP rear camera, color Wen Buguang lights, front 8MP camera and adding soft light; the battery capacity of 5000mAh, support flash turbo charging and reverse fast charge , the fuselage is equipped with a fingerprint recognition module, supported fingerprint unlock fingerprint payment and fingerprint snapshots and other shortcuts.

In the Xiaolong version of the launch, its excellent life and performance improvement to a lot of users very impressed, and conform to user needs put on a handsome gray suit 360N4S Xiaolong version is in the color value becomes more cold calm , Then the actual performance of it?

British gray 360N4S Xiaolong version is in the original platinum color on the black and gray color version replaced, rounded symmetry of the fuselage line with 2.5D arc glass like a complete obsidian. Black front panel and gray back shell with a more natural in the visual, compared to the white version of the fresh simple, gray version of a more stable cold feeling.

Positive 5.5-inch 1080P full fit in-cell screen covered with a layer of low-reflective coating, even in the sun under the screen performance is still clear and transparent, the color performance in the same price model is better, 401PPI pixel density also brought a delicate Perception. Dress up the black panel color, the original ultra-fine screen frame looks more narrow, temperament has been greatly improved.

The top of the fuselage are the handset, the sensor and the 8-megapixel front lens (aperture F / 2.0). The left side of the handset is also equipped with a front self-timer soft light, help to improve the dark light self-timer image quality. The components hidden in the deep black panel below, and fuselage integration, less white panel on the unexpected feeling.

Fuselage at the bottom of the red home button small circle vibration feedback feel good, touch the left and right when the two hidden keys will also light up. Hidden Andrews three buttons and black panel to look slender body a lot, LED backlight button in the light leakage control even better, and work performance satisfactory.

At the bottom of the symmetrical speaker and handset openings work fine, in the opening around also made a circle of polished, silver gray chamfer cut from time to time shining gloss. Interface follows the standard Micro USB, while ensuring compatibility while also equipped with a flagship machine-level turbo charge technology, can provide high-speed charging experience.

Metal accounted for more than 98% of the integration of all-metal body put on a gray texture is still satisfactory, the light is also slightly under the gradient of the reflection effect. Outstanding sandblasting process brings a good sense of touch and visual perception, black injection molding antenna and black lens substrate complement each other, compared to the golden back shell is more uniform.

From the side of the fuselage can be seen, the back of the main 16 million pixel camera without any bulge, but slightly concave. Two-color temperature fill light and fingerprint module placed symmetry, polished lines around the decoration so that the body becomes “coldness radiance.” 8.35mm thin body without hampering the side of the excellent assembly quality keys, touch touch is very compact, will not loose.

In the selection of colors, 360N4S Xiaolong version of the British gray version is different from the usual black and gray tone of the previous mobile phone manufacturers, the British gray in the color of the tuning is even more dull some, the overall gives a stronger sense of metal, visual On the very chic. It is also so users do not have to worry about and other gray models “hit color”, the British gray this new color is still very unique.


The actual experience down, 360N4S Xiaolong version of the performance is satisfactory, hardware and software integration has reached a relatively high level of adjustment. 14nm process Xiaolong 625 processor, 4GB +64 GB memory combination, 5000mAh large battery, integrated all-metal body, a lot of value selling point can be considered full of sincerity, the British gray version also allows users to have more choices , Take in the street “collision” the chance is smaller.


Dress up the Xiao Long processor 360N4S because of stronger performance, more durable life by the user’s welcome, and the user’s voice loaded into the heart, the introduction of the British gray color 360N4S Xiaolong version to meet the needs of users, it is 360 considerate user’s performance. 360 mobile phone with practical action tells us that, in fact, do a cell phone, whether it is heap configuration or engage in a bunch of “black technology”, in fact, not as important as listening to the user’s voice.