xmrmsft.com/hive.html Coin Miner Virus – How to Remove It?

About Xmrmsft.com/hive.html Virus

Xmrmsft.com/hive.html Virus is a kind of bitcoin mining trojan which hijacks your system proxy to cause slow system performance. It also make difficulties to you when you surf the Internet or have other daily operations. Our researchers have found that Xmrmsft.com/hive.html Virus has close relation with infections such as spyware, adware, browser hijacker and worm. It hides on freeware installation files, attachments of spam email, and ads links on porn websites, so it have lots of chances to enter your system.


Once Xmrmsft.com/hive.html Virus is activated along with system launch, numerous harmful tasks will be run underground without you knowledge. The major problem it causes is the Internet connection, it will make changes on DNS settings, proxy and browser settings to hijack your web browser with unwanted websites, decelerate your Internet speed, and even completely block your access to all kinds of websites. If it successfully makes your Internet unusable, it generate some fake warnings to tell you that your system is infected and you need to call a toll free to get tech support. Author of Xmrmsft.com/hive.html Virus then can cheat you buy fake tech service with several hundred bucks and even let them enter your system remotely. Don’t be scammed by such traps. What you need to do immediately is to take action to get rid of Xmrmsft.com/hive.html Virus.


gestyy.com Redirect – How to Remove It? (April 2018 update)



gestyy.com ad

Gestyy.com is clearly a unsafe item for your computer, and it appears to annoys you with various advertisements and scam popups. When you surf the internet, you will get a huge number of commcial ads such as coupons, rebates, great deals, while few of them are truly uniform to what it suggested. Truth be told, this is a hijacker powered by potentially unwanted program (PUP) and these fake ads are the items for them to infect your PC. (more…)

Remove safety.apple.com Fake Warning Pop-up (Apr.2018 update)

safety.apple.com Fake Warning Is A Dangerous Item

safety.apple.com Fake Warning is an awful scam popup that settles on the computer  without comment. It would show up with an alert about the system issues. Its depiction will be seemly authentic with the objective that users could begin to place stock in its words without a stretch. Regardless, our team, who has numerous years’ experience in this study on popup, alerts you that you should reexamine more before you place stock in it. Besides, if you want to know more its nature, please continue reading this article.


Generally, safety.apple.com Fake Warning goes to the computer  without consent as specified. It is unobtrusive. It may be coordinated with some websites which contains vindictive stuffs, for instance, porn websites, advertisementsites or angling pages. When you open these locales by chance, it will particularly trigger this functions. Until it enters on your computer , you will have pieces of information about what it happens. (more…)

How to Remove Gandcrab v3 Ransomware?

Gandcrab v3 Ransomware

Do you know how harmful the Gandcrab v3 Ransomware is? It is one of the most dangerous virus, the result infected by it will be really miserable for you. And it is obvious to speculate that its harms will be related to the extension. In fact, this is a ransomware which is new recently and it earns its name by its super perniciousness. If users have infected with this virus, it is better for them to remove it. Otherwise, everything will go in a wrong way from then on.

Gandcrab  v3 ransomware

Gandcrab v3 ransomware

Like any other data encrytion virus, Gandcrab v3 Ransomware can encrypt the files of your PC, both windows and mac. How is this related to the extension? Actually it will add a strange extensions after the normal one, such as .crab, and it is a sign for you to find out these files are harmed by ransomware. Users will never know how to open these files and it is also impossible to open it without a key.


How to Remove GravityRAT Malware? (UPDATED Apr.2018)

Horrible Things about GravityRAT Malware You Should Know

GravityRAT Malware is secret items for many computer users since they will never know where it is on your PC but it has already been there for a while. And when it infects your PC, the early sigh is that your PC will operate slowly, and even you use some professional software to speed it up, nothing improves but gets worse; and the later is that the whole system is shut up and you have to give up your documents when you restart the system. In this case, GravityRAT Malware is counted as a kind of Trojan, and it has the same feature with the rest of these family. So please be careful!

GravityRAT Malware is able to sneak into your PC traceless. And there are some common ways, and they are porn websites, spam email, freeware installer and fake software update links. For example, the spam email will appear with an attachment which many in the form of TXT, DOC, or HTML. And it is inevitable that you will open it in case something important is omitted. But later, you will find that it is broken and can’t be read, so you quickly forget this things. However, GravityRAT Malware is secretly installed on your system without your permission and notice.

In another words, it is hard for normal users to prevent GravityRAT Malware from infecting. But we can help you to check it out and remove it soon. Please check the following guides. (more…)

How to Remove BUTLER? (Best Solution)

Do You Know How Dangerous the BUTLER Is?

BUTLER is never a good thing to your web browser or computer. It is connected with Adware used to display annoying ads and malicious popup Window and it cheats you to download the sponsored freeware to get commission. If the popup Windows keep appearing on your PC, you are inevitable to fall into the trap.

How was BUTLER brought into your computer?

BUTLER comes to your PC with spam email, freeware and porn website. As you know, adware aims to infecting your PC with tens of thousands of ads. This ads are not just annoying, but also very dangerous since each contains a scam. And if you are not enough careful just for a while, you may take the chance to fall into the trap.

BUTLER producers are packed with the third party application. When you download unknown application from malicious sites, you most probably have adware inside your PC. And if you get adware, it is not wired for popup ads appearing on your PC as popup ads are the most common and notorious form of ads. (more…)

How to Remove RandomLocker (.rand File Virus)? (Best Solution)

RandomLocker (.rand File Virus) Description



RandomLocker (.rand File Virus) is a top computer threat made by hacker for earning money from computer users. Usually, RandomLocker (.rand File Virus) will get into your system silently when you visit porn sites, install freeware or open spam emails attachments. Once it is loaded, it generates malicious process in your Task Manager when you system is up. Before your antivirus detects its harmful activities, the virus will lock most of your personal files with RandomLocker (.rand File Virus). Through such illegal action, virus maker of RandomLocker (.rand File Virus) will force you to pay huge funds as a exchange to get your healthy files back.

RandomLocker (.rand File Virus)

RandomLocker (.rand File Virus)

Moreover, RandomLocker (.rand File Virus) can transfer a large amount of malware and spyware, which facilitate the hacker to collect your confidential information such as banking login details, which may be used by the hacker for commercial purpose. Please note that, paying money to the hacker may not restore your files, instead, it gives hacker a chance to steal your banking account. Therefore, if RandomLocker (.rand File Virus) has infected your system, do not pay the cyber criminal, what you should do is to get the virus removed immediately. (more…)

How to Remove +1 (866) 298-7288 Microsoft Edge Critical Error! SCAM?

Do You Know How Dangerous the +1 (866) 298-7288 Microsoft Edge Critical Error! SCAM Is?

+1 (866) 298-7288 Microsoft Edge Critical Error! SCAM is a dangerous page which will appear on your web browser as a fake  error alert. Your will easily fall to its scam. It will begin with alerting you that your PC is infected and has some loophole. If you are willing to protect your PC efficiently, your should take its advice to call for help. What will happen later?

+1 (866) 298-7288 Microsoft Edge Critical Error! SCAM

+1 (866) 298-7288 Microsoft Edge Critical Error! SCAM

1. Users will lose substantial amount of money.
When you call it, it becomes to explain this problems on your PC which will make you more confused in the end. But it will tempts you to pay for the service on your owns. And after you pay for the service, the +1 (866) 298-7288 Microsoft Edge Critical Error! SCAM alert will appear again in another time with another reason, but you should pay it again and again. In this way, you lose thousands of money.


How to Remove (866) 691-4173 Pop-up scam? (Best Solution)

Do You Know How Dangerous the (866) 691-4173 Pop-up Is?

(866) 691-4173 Pop-up

(866) 691-4173 Pop-up

(866) 691-4173 Pop-up disguises as a virus report from Microsoft, particularly for the windows system. It is exceptionally adaptable in this perspectives. It is only a scam popup and it has a relationship with the extremely perilous kinds of system. In the event that you see it on your PC, please attempt to at lease check up your PC and find what is turning bad here. (more…)

How to Remove Obeyter.com Redirect? (Best Solution)

What is Obeyter.com?

Virus like Obeyter.com normally camouflages themselves as a web-surfing helper and will assist you with getting the best rebates or coupons so that you can spare a lot of money on shopping. Be that as it may, thing is not true. You will find that later you are bothered by a huge number of Obeyter.com advertisements yet you haven’t got any positive terms but PC security issues.

Obeyter.com virus

Obeyter.com virus

Obeyter.com originates from obscure free programming, spam email, or malevolent sites. users in some cases will go for some free programming on the sites with obscure ID. In spite of the fact that this freeware won’t charge you specifically, it is stuffed with numerous malware, such as adware, spyware, or other freeware to get commission. Accordingly, when you introduce this application, you are in all likelihood contaminated by adware going with. In addition, Obeyter.com will enter with spam messages. It will join sending a deluge record so you can get this adware when you open the connection. In the greater part of the case, malevolent sites contain numerous links to the adware or infection. it happens on porn locales frequently. (more…)