Tips to Get Rid of Virus Completely virus Description virus is a top computer threat made by hacker for earning money from computer users. Usually, virus will get into your system silently when you visit porn sites, install freeware or open spam emails attachments. Once it is loaded, it generates malicious process in your Task Manager when you system is up. Before your antivirus detects its harmful activities, the virus will lock most of your personal files with virus. Through such illegal action, virus maker of virus will force you to pay huge funds as a exchange to get your healthy files back.

restore virus Crytowall, RSA, AES encryption files

Moreover, virus can transfer a large amount of malware and spyware, which facilitate the hacker to collect your confidential information such as banking login details, which may be used by the hacker for commercial purpose. Please note that, paying money to the hacker may not restore your files, instead, it gives hacker a chance to steal your banking account. Therefore, if virus has infected your system, do not pay the cyber criminal, what you should do is to get the virus removed immediately.

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